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eSITS Computer Security Checklist

  • My computer has an Inventory Tag attached to it. 
  • My computer is joined to domain, and I log in using my NETID and password or my computer is not joined to the domain but uses a login name and password. Valid passwords must contain multiple character classes, i.e.: letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Must be 8-30 characters. 
  • My computer has a modern and supported operating system (Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac OS 11.7 or higher).  Unix/Linux systems must not be beyond developer’s end of life and be fully vendor updated and supported. 
  • My computer is fully patched and updated on a weekly basis. 
  • My computer is kept in a locked room or office and only authorized personnel have access. 
  • My computer has Sophos or equivalent anti-virus software.
  • My computer is connected to the UW wired ethernet or the encrypted eduroam Wi-Fi network.

Did you check all the boxes? If not, please come visit one of the eSITS staff and we will assist you in getting your computer compliant with the current college security plan. 

Additional Resources

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