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Purchasing Policies

Purchasing a computer, peripheral or anything else IT related can be a confusing and daunting task. eSITS aims to take the headache out of recommending and purchasing of IT equipment for all our faculty, staff, and students.

Your first step in having eSITS purchase equipment for you is to Submit a Help Request and set up an appointment for a recommendation. Even if you believe you know exactly what you want or need, it never hurts to have another set of trained eyes review your items to be purchased. eSITS will work with you on recommending, purchasing and deploying your computer, peripherals or IT equipment.

The great thing about IT Standards is that there so many to pick from!!!!! eSITS has standardized on:

eSITS recommends that all computers be replaced after 5 years.

eSITS has standardized on Dell, Apple, and CDW-G as our main suppliers of computers, peripherals and all things IT. Want a computer system that is perfect for your needs and budget – Please Submit a Help Request.

eSITS will only purchase with vendors within Workday. Purchases for vendors not on workday must be submitted to the eFAST team for purchasing.