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Printing on a PC

The College of the Environment has multiple shared printers provided via UW Managed Print Services.
Which printer you use is determined by your unit and location.

Follow the steps below to add the appropriate printer to your computer:

1. Download the file, then double click the downloaded file to open it.

2. Find the printer you would like to install and double click its icon.

3. You will see a notification indicating “For the application to run properly, it is recommended that you first extract all files.” Disregard this warning and click “Run”

4. If you see the following warning, click “More Info” and then click “Run Anyway”

Note: You may or may not see a progress indicator like the one pictured below.

5. Once the installation is complete, the printer will appear in your list of available devices under ‘Printers & scanners’.

For additional help, please fill out the eSITS Help Request form.