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SAFS Security & Support Policies

The SAFS Security & Support polices been developed to educate, protect, and provide  access to computer resources in our School. SAFS is partnering with eSITS (Environment Shared Information Technology Services) to provide IT support and security for everyone in SAFS. eSITS will be providing Administrative Computing, Research, and High-Performance Computing support for all of SAFS. This support is wide-ranging in areas and topics and eSITS recommends that all SAFS’ers reach out to eSITS with any IT support need or question. eSITS recommends that all users fill out the eSITS Help Request Form to better serve your IT needs and questions.

The SAFS Security & Support Policies is divided into:

  • I) SAFS Computing Security Plan
  • II) personal computing
  • III) server computing
  • IIV) classroom and student computing. 

I. SAFS Computing Security Plan 

The SAFS Computing Security Plan (APS 2.6) must be read and followed by all members of SAFS that have or use any IT assets. Assets that are known and supported by eSITS are included in the SAFS Security Plan. Researchers and/or lab units in SAFS that have IT assets that are not known and not supported directly by eSITS will need to create their own APS 2.6 Security Plan. Those plans must be submitted to eSITS.

Individuals or groups that need alternative or additional security accommodations should consult with eSITS for security plan implementation. eSITS provides does provide security plan guidelines, templates and examples.

eSITS recommends everyone in SAFS to download and use this eSITS Computer Checklist to make sure your IT asset (computer, workstation, server, etc) complies with the SAFS Security Plan.

II. Personal (UW Owned Computers) Computing 

eSITS will provide support for basic computing (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux) to SAFS. This includes, but is not limited to, purchase recommendations, purchasing, initial system set-up and follow up support. Owners and administrators of all SAFS computers, workstations, and servers in SAFS should download and complete the eSITS Computer Checklist.

III. Server Computing 

Server computing refers to the use of machines running operating systems such as Windows Server, Mac OS Server, or any Linux distribution. eSITS cannot support these systems independently of eSITS use and thereby the Principal PI is responsible for administration. In order to insure users are educated about the risks associated with server operation, the Principal PI is requested to give a brief presentation to the SAFS Computing Committee or the College IT Director, prior to system acquisition. This presentation should characterize the system and include an APS 2.6 Security Plan. The rationale for this request is that this planning upfront will decrease downtime and will help the Committee plan for infrastructure improvements. Owners and administrators of all SAFS servers should download and complete the eSITS Computer Checklist.

IV. Classroom and Student Computing 

SAFS funds and eSITS supports one Instructional computer lab within the Fisheries Science Building (FSH). FSH 136 is a 25-seat (plus one instructor) SAFS Instructional Lab used daily for instructional and classroom use only. The lab is funded fully by SAFS and is not open for public or non-SAFS use.

FSH 313 is a Student Technology Fee funded computing lab reserved for UW students.  FSH 313 may not be reserved for classroom or other use. Students should be considerate of others when utilizing resources. 

All of the computers in both labs are available through a SAFS Remote Lab Server.

Any required installation of computer software or other special needs must be coordinated with eSITS Computing help 30 days in advance. Use the eSITS Help Request Form to submit requests. The classrooms, which are funded by state funds and student fees, are not available to off-campus or commercial organizations. Applications for classroom use by other University organizations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

eSITS or SAFS is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY USER DATA in any of the FSH Computer Labs.